International Conference on
Food Science and Nutrition 2017 (ICFSN 2017)

25 - 26 October 2017 | The Pacific Sutera Hotel | Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Professor Jinap Selamat, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Professor Jinap Selamat received her PhD from the Pennsylvania State University, USA.  She has been working for Universiti Putra Malaysia for the past 38 years. Prof Jinap is currently a senior Professor at the Faculty of Food Science and Technology; and also a Research Associate and Head of Food Safety and Food Integrity (FOSFI), Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Food Security. Before that, at UPM Prof Jinap has served as the Dean of Faculty of Food Science and Technology, Director of Innovation and Commercialization Centre and the Director of University Research Park. She is a member of Academy Science of Malaysia and Fellow of Malaysia Institute of Food Technologist. She has received many awards; recently a Malaysia's Rising Star’s Frontier Researcher Awards 2017 given to researchers who produced world’s highly cited articles in a new field of research under and Top Research Scientist of Malaysia (TRSM) in 2015. Her H-Index is 42 and citation is 5608 as of March 2017.
Her academic interest is in area related to food safety, especially chemical in nature. Her research interest is the formation and strategies for the reduction of food safety risk, especially food chemical contaminants, mainly mycotoxins, heterocyclic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals. She also has developed simultaneous method and biomarkers for the determination of contaminants especially mycotoxins in foods and feeds. She has published over 260 of peer reviewed manuscripts in ISI journals. She has supervised more than 70 PhD and MSc students during 38 years that she is working at UPM.
Prof Jinap is active in numerous national committee such as Food Additives, Food contaminants, Codex and Food Regulations committees. She is also a member of Industry Standard Committee for
Food, Food Products and Food Safety (ISCU) and the Chair of technical committee for standards related to food commodities and food safety management system in Malaysia. Internationally to name a few, she is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Food Research Journal (IFRJ), International Advisory Board member for Food Additives and Contaminants journal, and also member of Scientific Panel Member of ASEAN Risk Assessment Centre for Food Safety.