International Conference on
Food Science and Nutrition 2017 (ICFSN 2017)

25 - 26 October 2017 | The Pacific Sutera Hotel | Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


The main objective of this conference is to share and highlight the latest developments in food science and technology, nutrition, and foodservice management with emphasis on new ideas and innovative approaches for health and wealth creation.
Who Should Attend
•  Food scientists
•  Food technologists
•  Nutritionists
•  Dietitians
•  Academia
•  Researchers
•  Higher education students
•  Food industry
•  Foodservice establishments
•  Food standards and legislation professionals
•  Enforcement agencies
•  Healthcare professionals
•  Government agencies
•  Other relevant parties
Themes and Topics

The conference will invite food scientists, food technologists, nutritionists, dietitians, academicians, researchers, healthcare professionals, food industry personnel, food service personnel, government and private agencies, higher education students and other relevant parties to present their substantial improvements, novel concepts and advanced approaches in food science and technology, nutrition, and foodservice management.

Five main themes for submission include, but not limited to:
1. Innovative Food Products and Processes
    •  Functional food and ingredients
    •  Fermentation technology
    •  Food engineering, processing and technology
    •  Novel preservation technologies
    •  Innovative food packaging
    •  Sustainable waste management
    •  Green technology in food processing
    •  Future foods
    • Nanotechnology
    • Innovative by-product utilization
2. Food Safety and Quality
    •  Halal food
    •  Foodborne hazards
    •  Food safety, regulations and standards
    •  Emerging food analysis techniques
    •  Food allergy
    •  Food traceability
    •  Food toxicity
    •  Food shelf life extension
    •  Dietary and health concerns related to food processing
3. Nutrition
    •  Nutritional biochemistry
    •  Public health nutrition
    •  Sports nutrition
    •  Clinical nutrition
4. Food Security
    •  Food supply chain and distribution systems
    •  Aquaculture, fisheries and sustainable marine production
    •  Sustainable agriculture for food production
5. Food and Culture
    •  Food studies
    •  Food tourism
    •  Food anthropology and gastronomy
    •  Technological advancement in foodservice
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